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Message to Customers Regarding COVID-19

Employees May Wear Masks  If you see employees wearing masks, it is because we have allowed them to do so at their request.  Masks are used primarily to prevent employees from touching their noses/mouths with their hands, and not because they are sick. We believe this is an important way that we can help our […]


9 ideal rules for designing your business card

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Develop your design carefully, and your business card will make you look professional, build confidence and set your company apart from others in your profession. When attending audiences, exhibitions or networking events, exchanging business cards at the end of a discussion is significant for following up later on. So how […]


About Us

– We Believe in providing the BEST Packaging Solution



FAQs Most Frequent Asked Questions and Answers How many days of production and shipment time are required? We’ll begin work on it as soon as possible, wasting no time at all. Our aim has always revolved around getting your product delivered within the shortest time frame possible, avoiding unnecessary delay at all costs. I am […]


Kraft Paper Boxes

As the world gets more and more conscious, businesses turn to eco-friendly practices to do their part so as to make this planet a better place for existing communities and later generations to come. Kraft paper has become one of the most extensively used packaging materials in the packaging industry, and for all the right […]


Automotive Boxes

Automotive boxes are utilized for packaging all sorts of parts related to the industry ? simple, complex, sensitive, technical, heavy auto parts and accessories. In the automotive industry, packaging should deliver ultimate protection for high value and high piced parts. Everything related to the automobile ? the engine, heavy component parts, small mechanical essentials, down […]


Appliances Boxes

We live in a technology driven society. Today, consumers consider buying any appliance that seems to promise them ease and convenience in this fast paced society. There is some appliance for every job in the market so this consumer attitude should come as no surprise. There?s a massive appliance market that has a wide range […]


Apparel Boxes

Apparel boxes are extensively used for packaging, displaying and gifting. A lot of apparel items come enclosed in boxes, from shirts to socks to ties and more. Apparel companies are lagging behind if they fail to address the changing dynamics of the industry. Your target market is going to pay attention when your product comes […]


Window Boxes

In today’s time, for companies packaging qualifies as a really big decision. There’s a lot on the line, one bad packaging decision and you lose a lot of business. In such demanding times, window boxes come as a relief for these business holders. Images on the packaging boxes can tell a customer many things, but […]