Employees May Wear Masks 
If you see employees wearing masks, it is because we have allowed them to do so at their request.  Masks are used primarily to prevent employees from touching their noses/mouths with their hands, and not because they are sick. We believe this is an important way that we can help our employees to feel comfortable continuing to serve you.  Please know that employees who are feeling sick or appear I’ll are not allowed to work in our stores. 

Corona Virus

Update: March 23, 2020

To Our Valued Customers,

At West Printer, serving you is the most important thing we do, and your health, safety, and well-being remain our top priority.  As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 begins to impact our community and daily lives, we want to assure you that we are monitoring developments very closely and taking action at our stores and company on a daily basis to protect and support our family of customers and employees.  

This is what we are currently doing at our stores to help ensure your safety:

Increasing Hard Surface Area Cleaning

Ensuring Safe Product Handling and Hygiene Practices
We are being vigilant about ensuring employees are following our standard safe practices for product handling and hygiene, and have increased our supply of gloves and hand sanitizers for employees.   

Monitoring and Communicating with Employees

Employees have been instructed to take increased precautions to ensure they keep themselves and everyone around them healthy.  This includes staying home from work if they are feeling ill and notifying us and staying home for 14 days if they have been in close contact with anyone being monitored for COVID-19.  New company guidelines for the sick time have been established to ensure employees are supported if quarantine is necessary for themselves or loved ones.

Corona Virus

Please know that we are committed to taking every measure possible to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy so you will continue to feel comfortable shopping with us.  We will also be communicating with you if and when we have additional updates or information to share.  You may also check our website, westprinter.com for information. 

Thank you for being a loyal West Printer customer,

Victor Torro,


Senior Project Manager – Operations Manager
West Printer ™ Project of United Computer Solutions, Inc.

Custom Packaging Blog

What are the several types and standards of Custom Cardboard Boxes?

Custom Packaging Blog

What has brought a revolution in the packaging world?

Have you ever guessed about it? If not then let us explain that it is the cardboard boxes because they are the most reliable packaging solution available. There are a lot of attributes of these custom cardboard boxes, concerning which people are unclear. Let us talk about this to clear all the chaos. Firstly, there are a lot of people who believe cardboard packaging is pricey than other materials like plastic, etc. It is another way around, which implies these boxes for sale are cost-effective. For that purpose, they are utilized in a variety of business domains for product packaging. In the same way, custom folded boxes are playing their role in product packaging.

Let us give you some well-known kinds of wholesale cardboard boxes around you. What are the various types and standards of Custom Cardboard Boxes?

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Cardboard boxes are used for both light and heavyweight packaging of all sorts of products. With all these products come variety of cosmetics. Starting from a small lipstick to sensitive material cardboard packaging is very much useful and secure. Get them design as per your interest. Moreover, lamination with gloss, matte, and other lamination options provides them an even more refined look. All these additions convert simple-looking custom cardboard boxes into luxury ones. For custom box printing consult company’s graphic designer which will shape your ideas as you wish to be. These additions will present your cosmetic items more elegant and eye catching. 

Display Cardboard Boxes

The most common type is customized cardboard boxes. Occurring common means that you see them around you usually, in stores as well as in big malls and outlets. Moreover, stationery products, bakery, and confection products, they play an unbelievable part. As its name hints, this particular combination of cardboard packaging helps in publicizing the new arrivals or even the old stock back to the focus of buyers. Well, using the right placement of these small cardboard boxes can give a boost to the sale. Place them near the cash counter so that you can have a spontaneous sale. Moreover, this example further has another type known as standing exhibition stands that also lead the product in limelight.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is a versatile element for making custom cardboard boxes. Usually, you have seen cardboard boxes with a single wall but they have the ability to get the flute. These extra fluting gives them strength and sturdiness to pack transport heavy products to many places. That’s the reason why custom corrugated boxes are favored for shipping purposes. When it comes to the corporations we West Printer provide the best boxes for sale. On the other side, our company can provide printing which can promote your business as well as products while they are dispatched.


Cardboard Apparel Boxes with Logo

Do you know cardboard packaging which is very much famous in the apparel industry? They are custom folding boxes that efficiently pack a wide range of clothes. For example, scarves, shirts, ties, and a lot more small cardboard boxes are very much suitable. In addition to this, for bridal gowns, these custom cardboard boxes play a great role in packaging. Moreover, you can avail of the benefit by printing them. This customization can support your advertising your brand. Taking the help of the logo printing over these custom boxes you can effortlessly promote your brand in the market. Other than social and print media these custom cube boxes are more vital in giving these services. Just print your logo with some other important details such as your contact details then wherever the customer will take these boxes they will become your representatives. Moreover, the buyer will also be able to tell others about you more conveniently.

Retail Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Are you a producer of wholesale items on a large scale? If yes, then you surely need these cardboard packaging. Making the use of these cardboard boxes is the retail packaging solution. Therefore, you must have seen their wide extent usage for many products. For example, from cosmetics to shoes, food and other wide range of products. Everywhere these cardboard boxes are ruling. For instance, custom corrugated boxes for shipping. Custom cube boxes as per the product’s demand.