In order to have a seamless and gratifying online experience with our website, following terms and conditions apply. We can make subsequent changes or add to these from time to time without sending formal notification. Westprinter.com is the sole owner of all the content, graphics and other materials published on our website. We also reserve the right to use sample images under any of our products/services.

Intellectual Copyrights:

By subscribing to any of our services, you need to comprehend and acknowledge that the images, content, specifications, maps, icons and illustrations are our intellectual property. Copying, pasting, changing or distribution of our intellectual materials to any party without our written consent is strictly not allowed.

Conditions for the Website Users:

Any content or images uploaded or sent through our website by the users would be their responsibility. You have to consent that any image, text or other website content send to us doesn’t include the intellectual property of any other party unless you have asked for their permission to use the materials. You need to ensure that any content you send to our website doesn’t include questionable, unlawful or unreasonable images or text or anything that puts a restriction on other users from availing our services or is a threat to Westprinter.com copyrights.

We do not take responsibility for the lawfulness and ethical values of the materials shared by our clients. Westprinter.com reserves the right to remove and delete any content that we find obscene, hurtful for a community or against our terms and conditions.

We have the right to update and change our website content protect the privacy rights of our clients take a legal action against anything that damages our repute or credibility.

If you want to have a delightful onsite experience with us, kindly provide us with real information. Any scam users or fake profiles won’t be entertained by Westprinter.com.

By availing our services, you give your consent to us for designing and printing the orders as you have specified. You need to have a lawful age to make transactions and place orders on our website.

We highly advise you to protect your password at all times. We won’t be held responsible for any order processing, changes, design recreation, distribution of materials if someone you gave your password uses our website. We ask for your email ID and names for order processing, more information regarding your business can be acquired by us if needed.

We use cookies to collect personal data that is solely used for delivering you a personalized and better website experience. We don’t intend to share your personal information for marketing or any other purpose.

Compensation for the Damages:

You can’t hold Westprinter.com team and management responsible for any accident, harmful event or unpleasant incident caused by any of our clients. We can’t be questioned or held accountable for any claims/damages that are caused due to third party or clients’ negligence.

Order Cancellation:

You can cancel your order after proof approval within 6 hours. 50 percent of your payment would be deducted if you make order cancellation within 24 hours. Orders can’t be cancelled after 24 hours though.

Return and Refund Clauses:

If you receive faulty printed pieces or are not satisfied with the printing, notify us within 3 working days after your delivery date. In case, it’s our fault, we will have the order reprinted for you but refunds are not an option. Damaged items are analyzed by the quality experts, kindly attach high resolution pictures of the products to get your payment back within a week.  Rush printing orders won’t be refunded.

Design Services:

No refunds are offered on design support. Please choose a design scrupulously, once you finalize it, we won’t be able to modify it.

Payment Procedures and Order Processing:

Customers are charged for our services in US dollars, we have secured your payment processing through latest technology. Order would be processed once you send us the artwork and required quantity through email or postal mail.

Design and Files Submission:

We make soft and hard copies of all the artwork received by our clients. Kindly submit your designs in CMYK format with three hundred dots per inch res so that we can have the finest image of the artwork. You are responsible for the content accuracy of your images. Any files submitted below the standards defined above would be printed at your own risk and we can’t be held responsible for pixilated and unclear printing.

We can’t be blamed for the loss or damage of your uploaded files; we will take necessary measures to protect your artwork though. You need to ensure that you are using the content and images in your artwork lawfully.

We can reject an order without formal notification if we find it injurious or harmful to the interests of a third party.

Proof Approval and Accuracy of Colors:

Your order won’t be sent for printing unless we receive a proof approval. You can send it through email or postal mail. Kindly login and upload the file we require, we won’t be responsible for delayed printing if you fail to provide us the proof on time. Our production time mentioned on website would be counted after you have submitted the artwork.

As mentioned earlier, review your files meticulously for any content and other errors, electronic files displaying any errors in resolution or colors wouldn’t be our liability. UV coating and lamination may affect the color exactness which we can’t be blamed for.

Color processing has its limitations; we therefore can’t guarantee you the exact same color as your file. Our team is instructed to do their best in matching the color but technical hitches can’t be avoided and therefore you can’t ask for a reprint for color precision. Color accuracy would only be guaranteed in the case of proof approval of hard copy from the company, the service has additional charges.

Terms Related to Errors:

Westprinter.com can’t be held accountable for grammatical, punctuation, text errors, under runs, over runs or printing mistakes. We always send you a little extra quantity of the ordered products without charging for it. If you receive less number of printed items, you will be charged accordingly, we follow the general trade rule of shipping the products.

Shipping and Delivery Rules:

Urgent Shipping: 5-7 Days

Standard Shipping: 9-14 Days

Free Shipping: 15-18 Days

** Please Note that we have several types of shipping mechanisms and will be based on client’s choice.

Our turnaround time starts after you have uploaded your design file, it has been approved by our pre-printing department and you have provided us a final proof in soft/hard copy along with payment processing. You can pick the production time when you place and process order, you are required to send us the artwork file before 10 AM to have your product sent to the press.

On time delivery is our prime concern, however due to technical glitches, extreme weather conditions or problems with the freight processes; if the order gets delayed we can’t be held liable for delayed shipment. Orders can’t be cancelled due to delays in shipping; you can however have delivery charges back if it’s the courier company’s fault.

Custom clearance arrangements and costs would be paid by the customers if orders are requested to get shipped out of United States.

Westprinter.com has a standard production time of 9-14 days and we can have the order delivered to one location without weight/ quantity limitations. If you want the order to be delivered at multiple addresses, there are extra charges for that. We are not responsible for loss or damage of your printed products during shipping. You can make loss/damage claims within 6 days of receiving the items.

In case you have provided us a wrong address and want reshipment, we will charge you for handling and delivery. We have multiple production house in different countries to maximize production around the world. We have 4 locations including 1- Chicago, IL United States, 2- Lahore, Pakistan, 3- San Jose, Costa Rica, 4- Warsaw, Poland. Please note we are completely e-commerce based online business and we do not disclose our production house location due to privacy factor. West Printer is Brand of United Computer Solution Inc which is legally registered in Chicago, IL United States. 

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